Policy Plan Stichting Al- Ayn



  1. Introduction

Stichting Al-Ayn for Social Care is a foundation (“stichting“) organized under Dutch law. The foundation has its registered seat and principal place of business in (2288 AA) Rijswijk, The Netherlands, at Steenplaetsstraat 9 and is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 63203146.

The business details of Stichting Al-Ayn for Social Care (hereinafter: the ꞌꞌFoundationꞌꞌ) are as follows:

  • Tax number (RSIN): 855135554
  • Postal address: Steenplaetsstraat 9
    2288 AA Rijswijk, the Netherlands
  • Telephone: +31 6 10 61 06 39
  • E-mail: info@alayn.nl
  • Bank account: NL04INGB0006968525

This policy plan gives an overview of (i) the Foundation’s strategy and policy, (ii) its activities, and (iii) the management, source and collection of its funds

  1. Strategy and Policy

The Foundation is a Dutch non-profit foundation, with a mission of supporting orphaned children in Iraq, putting them at the heart of everything it does, with the ultimate goal of providing them with comprehensive care and having a positive lasting impact on their lives.

As of August 2017, around 48,302 orphans are receiving support. In addition to monthly financial allowances, the orphans receive medical care, educational support, psychological rehabilitation, recreational activities, and other programmes tailored to their needs.

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  1. the prevention or relief of poverty and financial hardship in Iraq by providing: grants, items and services to orphans and other individuals in need and/or charities, or other organisations working to prevent or relieve poverty and financial hardship; and
  2. the prevention or relief of sickness among orphans and other individuals in need in Iraq, by purchasing medical equipment and/or providing grants to organisations working to prevent or relieve sickness;
  3. the advancement of education;
  4. to provide or assist in the provision of facilities, equipment and services in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation for individuals who have need of such facilities, equipment or services by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life; and
  5. and to perform all such further acts and activities as are in the widest sense connected to the foregoing, incidental thereto and/or which may be conducive thereto.

The Foundation has no objective to make profit.

Stichting Al- Ayn voor weeskinderen in Irak collects donations for the Orphans In Iraq. We collect deferent kinds of donations. For example collection boxes known as sadaqa boxes, general donations for orphans via our bank account, sponsorship programs and donations to support more than 40 projects to enhance the life off orphans in Iraq.

The Foundation is committed to complying with Dutch law, including all audit and transparency requirements, and any reporting requirements that assist it in monitoring the application of the funds it receives.

The Foundation primarily applies its funds through international grants, as outlined below, and in line with its International Grants Policy (Appendix).

  1. Activities

Orphans in Iraq can be registered at one of the ASCF offices which are spread over the different provinces in Iraq. This registration can be done by the relatives of the orphan. After providing the ASCF with all the necessary paperwork, this application gets checked with local authorities. After the approval the orphan gets on a waiting list ready for support.

To enable it to carry out its objectives, the Foundation carries out the following main activities:

  1. Supporting orphaned children

The Foundation’s principal activity is to provide monthly financial allowances for orphaned children in Iraq, through grants made to Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq).

The ‘Orphan Sponsorship Scheme’ is a monthly donation scheme, which provides a distinctively comprehensive care package; this has allowed the Foundation to develop a positive reputation. Alongside the financial aid distributed, orphaned children receive medical, psychological, educational, recreational, in-kind and other forms of support

  1. Providing toys to orphaned children

The Foundation aims to receive and donations of toys from its donors to send to Iraq. This contributes towards a unique experience for orphaned children who choose the toy of their liking from one of the pop-up ‘Toy shops’ set up in Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq)’s offices.

  1. Supporting internally displaced families

The Foundation provides support for families who have been internally displaced in Iraq due to the ongoing conflict. This support includes providing financial allowances, aid packages, clothes and shelter.

  1. Distributing Sadaqa Boxes to homes and businesses.

The Foundation’s supporters are encouraged to collect a Sadaqa (Collection) Box. These are distributed to homes and businesses, inviting donations for orphaned children in need.

  1. Supporting continual charity ‘Sadaqa Jariya’ projects

The Foundation helps fund ‘Sadaqa Jariya’ (continual charity) projects throughout Iraq that are being implemented on the ground by Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq). These include Vocational Training and Psychological Rehabilitation centres, and housing complexes.

  1. Fundraising events

The Foundation organises a number of events aimed at raising awareness about its cause, building its database of donors, in addition to fundraising for the Foundation’s campaigns. These include dinners, workshops, stalls at external events and art exhibitions.

  1. Board of Directors

The board of directors of the Foundation is formed by the following three members:

  1. Chairman: Mr Yaseen Bakker
  2. Secretary: Mr Ahmed Jalaluddin Amanalla Alkhaja
  3. Treasurer: Mr Haider Mohammed Kadhim Khaleel

The members of the board of directors are jointly authorized to represent the Foundation.

Furthermore, Mr Hassan Jaafar is appointed as an authorized representative with full authority (volledige volmacht).

  1. Funds

Funding for the activities of the Charity derives solely from the kind donors and supporters of the Foundation, with the administrative overheads donated by Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq).

The Foundation organises events and runs campaigns to raise awareness about its cause and encourage charitable donations from the public. This is supported by a media and outreach strategy, aimed at the Foundation’s current and potential audiences.

Donations received by the Foundation are in various forms:

  • Unrestricted donations

  • Religious dues, such as Khoms and Sadaqa, including funds places in the Foundation’s Sadaqa (collection) boxes.

  • Donations made towards particular areas of support

  • Donations made through the Foundation’s “Child Sponsorship Scheme”.

The responsibility for management of funds received by the Foundation lies with its Board of Directors, who have mechanisms in place to ensure that all funds are applied in accordance with the objectives of the Foundation, and that any restricted funds are applied as intended.

The Foundation makes international grants in accordance with its International Grants Policy. The procedure for international grants includes identifying potential recipients, carrying out appropriate due diligence checks and risk assessments, and then entering a grant agreement with the recipient. To help the Foundation assess and manage the risks of overseas grants, the trustees require recipients to provide a monitoring report using an agreed template, as set out in the grant agreements.

The Foundation makes grants primarily to Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation (Iraq), subject to the discretion of the Board of Directors. The directors closely monitor all grants made and review the supporting documentation as well as random undertaking inspection of the various projects that are supported by the grants.

The grants are typically disbursed in instalments to ensure that agreed timings and results are being met and managed, and to enable monitoring and evaluation of progress. The nature of these activities will depend on the size and complexity of the grant and the perceived level of risk.

Any remuneration of the directors of the Foundation will be restricted to an expense allowance and/or an attendance fee. The expense allowance will only cover unavoidable substantiated costs.


Section VI (financial overview / forecast) follows on the next page


  1. Financial overview: forecast 2018-2020
    We expect to increase the income with 25% for the coming 3 years.

The expenses set out in the Financial Overview above include stationery costs, publicity costs and promotional material, office expenses and telephone, internet and utility bills.

1 The increase in monthly expenses in February 2016 is due to the receipt of a large shipment of stationery, promotional material and collection boxes from China, together with associated taxes and transport costs.

Stichting Al-Ayn Policy Plan